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Why Organizations Need Content
Why Organizations Need Content

Why Organizations Need Content

Content creation is the most important aspect of effective content marketing. Hubspot explains it in this presentation. This is a comprehensive presentation by HubSpot on Content. The presentation deck consists of 73 slides. This presentation is entitled "Why your organization needs Content". The presentation begins with defining the term Content. As per Google, Content (in our context) means "information made available by a website or other electronic medium".

Inbound Methodology

HubSpot positions itself as an Inbound Marketing Specialist. As per HubSpot, the Inbound Methodology is classified into 4 clear-cut stages:

Four Steps of Inbound Methodology

  1. Attract
  2. Convert
  3. Close
  4. Delight
Any customer or any prospect goes through these 4 above-mentioned stages during their buying journey.

Content Type corresponding to each phase in the buyer's journey

Each phase in the buyer journey is accompanied by specific type of content.

The Attract Phase

The Attract phase is a phase where Strangers are attracted to the website visitors. Prospects in this phase are targeted with Blogs, Keywords and Social Media.

The Convert Phase

The Convert phase is a phase where site visitors are converted into leads. Visitors are converted to leads using content that leads to form submission, clicks on call-to-action button; and by creating innovation landing pages.

The Close Phase

The Close phase is a phase where the leads are converted to customers. Leads are targeted through emails, signals and workflows (please refer to the presentation below for details).

The Delight Phase

The Delight phase is a phase where the existing customers are converted into advocates or promoters. Existing customers are targeted through events, social inbox and smart content (please refer to the presentation below for details).

Purpose, Format and Topics

In the later slides, HubSpot talks about the purpose of the content. Most common purpose of content is either brand awareness or lead generation. But there can be several purpose of a single piece of content. Depending upon the purpose,Marketers decide if the content needs to be gated or if the content should be in the form of a blog post or in a specific format such as ebook, white paper, etc. Further, HubSpot mentions that Content topic is equally important. Content topic must be relevant to buyer persona and for the specific phase in the buyer's journey.

Buyer's Journey

As Content needs to be specific to a given phase in the buyer's journey, the buyer's journey has been explained further by dividing the journey into three distinct stages - Awareness stage, Consideration stage and Decision stage. There is a very interesting visual representation of how to effectively map content to persona and the buyer's journey. This is one slide that you should not skip.

Best practices for Content Creation

Next couple of slides are on the best practices for content creation- simple one-liners but very effective bullets! After the best practices slides, HubSpot gives 7 key questions that Marketers should ask in order to drive content creation.

Re-purposing existing content

This one is interesting too! This section talks about what is Content re-purposing, why this is important and strategies for re-purposing existing content. HubSpot explains three ways to re-purpose content. These are:
  1. Adjust
  2. Combine
  3. Expand
All the above points are explained in great details. Please refer to the presentation for details.
Overall, it's a good piece of information. Although there are 73 slides but you can read them easily in less than 10 minutes. We might know a lot of things mentioned in these slides but it will certainly help in organizing the information in discrete boxes.

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 Why Organizations Need Content
Why Organizations Need Content

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