Seventy Five Examples of Content Marketing - CMI E-book

75 examples of Content Marketing - CMI E-book
75 examples of Content Marketing - CMI E-book

Content marketing strategies adopted by some of the leading brands

Content marketing is a robust tool. However there are so many techniques, formats and platforms available that it becomes tough to figure out how to get started. With this e-book, CMI has tried to simplify this problem. The ebook presents 75 examples of content marketing strategies adopted by some of the leading brands from various industries.In this summary, I will highlight some examples that are more relevant for B2B Marketers. And, you can always take a look at all the examples by clicking the PDF logo at the bottom of this post.

Hootsuite - Content type: Video; Industry: Technology

Hootsuite is a technology company. Still, it has been successful in producing light-hearted content. They have been able to connect very well with audience with their videos.

IBM's Big Data and Analytics Hub - Content type: Multi-channel; Industry: Technology

This is a purely knowledge-sharing platform by IBM. This platform doesn't focus on promoting company's products and service. It offers wide range of content in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, reports, etc. It gives its readers data-centric informationthat is optimized for sharing. IBM keeps publishing its own created as well as curated content here.

The CMI Podcast Network - Content Type: Podcast; Industry: Media & Publishing

This Podcast series was launched in 2013. It delivers compelling conversations in the area of content marketing. The podcast series generated a lot of credibility for CMI over the years and resulted in many new clients.

Intuit - Content Type: Infographic; Industry: Technology

Intuit came up with a very innovative Infographic - "Death of the Office?" This infographic is actually half infographic and half web page. It has a lot of GIFs and videos embedded. This is super interactive.

IBM's Resources Center - Content Type: Resource Center; Industry: Technology

This resource center is to demonstrate IBM's technical authority and its expertise.This resource center hosts analyst papers, case studies, data sheets, reports, white papers, and just about anything that the site visitor would ever need.

Qualcomm's Spark - Content Type: Microsite; Industry: Technology

This website informs readers about what is going on in the tech world. There is no effort what so ever to sell Qualcomm's products. Spark features tech news, columns and episodic videos. The company has given its editorial team complete freedom to publish whatever they like as long as the content meets business goals and editorial missions.

Microsoft's Stories Blog - Content Type: Blog; Industry: Technology

Microsoft feels that software isn't exactly a topic that can produce emotional reactions. In order to bring "warmth" to the software, Microsoft came up with an innovative blogging idea.They come up with powerful stories to bring out the humanity of technology.

I just covered less than 10% of all the examples listed in this 78-page ebook. This is a great ebook with a lot of graphics and links to the actual digital assets. I am sure every Marketer would love to take a closer look to this ebook.

Title: 75 examples to spark your content marketing creativity
Content Format: E-book
Published by: Content Marketing Institute (CMI)
Number of Pages: 78
Seventy Five Examples of Content Marketing - CMI E-book

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