Structuring Content Creation Teams for Content Marketing

Structuring Content Creation Teams for Content Marketing
Structuring Content Creation Teams for Content Marketing 

Structuring Content Creation Teams for Content Marketing

This is an insightful ebook on Content creation. Jonathan Kranz of Kranz communications says that the attention span of our prospects have become very small. And hence it is very important for Marketers to create compelling content to earn that attention. He further says that most Marketers have strong opinions about what types of content are most important for their respective audiences, the how part remains problematic.

What is this ebook about?

This ebook entitled 7 secrets of successful content creation teams talks about 7 important areas that need to be taken into consideration to create a successful content creation team.

The 7 core areas are:

1. Securing support from the top

Outside of marketing department, content marketing often remains an obscure subject. It is often seen as one of the initiatives of marketing by CFOs or CTOs oe even the CEOs.
The team at the top must see content marketing as a core strategy to educate a huge marketer that has the potential to be a customer base.

2. Aligning everyone around a common clear "content mission"

It is common for organizations to have corporate mission statements. This ebook talks about creating "content" mission statement. Everyone in the company needs to internalize this statement and be consistent with regards to external communications. This appears to be a bit too much to expect. But, no doubt, this is a pretty fresh perspective.

3. Building Content creation team in concentric rings

It has been pointed out most organizations that have effective content programs always share at least one characteristic that is common: their content creation teams are built in three layers or rings. Inner most ring is of the core in-house marketers such as the marketing manager, content strategist, editor, etc. The next ring represents non-marketing resources such as subject matter experts or anyone else who can bring in fresh perspective. The outermost ring is of a network of writers, designers, geographers, etc.

4. Planning - setting clear goals, innovating

This section talks about setting clear goals, innovating, restraining the naysayers within the company, accepting failures, etc.

5. Concentrating on Core Content

This one actually talks about Content types. Here, the ebook says that Marketers should focus on adopting a "pillar content" strategy.
As per this strategy, the Marketers focuses on few asset types (such as ebooks, case studies, etc.) and all other formats of content (such as blogs, white papers, etc.) stem from there.

6. Repeatable process of content creation

Content is not going to be a one-time hard work. It needs consistency. Consistency can be achieved when the same tried and tested processes are repeated over and over again for several years.

7. Investment in training

This one is the last, but an important, point in this "7 secrets of successful content creation teams" ebook. This section talks about training the content creation team to identify exciting content, developing general skills related to content creation, learning how to create specialized types of content, etc.
Overall, a good compilation of thoughts and views from industry experts!
Title: 7 secrets of successful content creation teams
Content Format: E-book
Published by: Kranz communications
Number of Pages: 18
Structuring Content Creation Teams for Content Marketing
Structuring Content Writing Teams for Content Marketing

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