In-depth Accenture Interactive Survey on Content Marketing

In-depth Accenture Interactive Survey on Content Marketing

This report is the outcome of a survey conducted by Accenture Interactive. Over 1000 executives were surveyed to seek their insight about the fast evolution of Content and the overall environment where content is at the core. The executives surveyed were from 14 countries representing 18 industries. Most respondents were from mid to large corporations.

This 19-page survey report has been divided into 4 broad sections:

1. Being Everywhere
2. Identity and Culture
3. Think Distribution
4. Commanding an Audience
5. You are your Content - Concluding remarks


In this era of digital, content competes for customer attention like never before. The distinction between external focused content (primarily for prospects) and content for internal consumption has begun to disappear. Number of social channels have increased by leaps and bounds.And, the content being produced is hyper-targeted. This means that organizations need to produce extraordinary amounts of content and maintain extremely superior quality at the same time.

Being Everywhere

Google receives about 4 million queries every minute. This shows the insatiable hunger for answers by online users. By 2020, about 34 billion devices will be online. Hence this number is likely to increase further. This is a great opportunity for the marketers. For an organization, it means that their prospects are everywhere every time. Hence the marketers, too, should be everywhere every time for their prospects with the content their prospects are looking for.

Highlights of this section

  • To be everywhere, all the time, organizations need to earmark unprecedented investments in content.
  • The executives Accenture Interactive spoke with collectively control marketing budgets totaling more than 500 million dollars. And, they are allocating up to half of this budget to build relationships with prospects and consumers through content.
  • Enterprises spend between $150 M and $250 M on content each year.

Identity and Culture

Content is no longer about promotion. It is about expressing company's identity. Relationships that an organization develops with its audience is directly related to the online identity of the organization. Push marketing is no more relevant. In order to be able to create pull, marketersneed to showcase their best self. Some organization embody themselves so well through their content that their audience develop a true affinity with them. Accenture Interactive calls such companies " Content-First Companies".
Content-First companies produce content based on the interest of their audience. Such content delight the audience. On contrary, traditional companies produce content that focus on products and services. For Content-First companies, the goal is not to drive sales but to grow deeper relationship with prospects and customers.

In order to project the desired identity and organizational culture, organizations need to own the most essential aspects of content. Marketers can't rely on transient agencies to create content that can truly reflect the organizational culture and the brand identity.

Think Distribution

Mass media of 90s have either perished or have transformed themselves into robust digital networks. Magazines have transformed into online publishing machine. The most remarkable change in this ecosystem has been the origin and proliferation of social media platforms. Social media has truly democratized content. Today anybody can have a channel and produce content.

Some stats from this section

  • As per the report, 2/3rd of the high performing organizations are working towards a plan that balances content production with distribution.
  • Almost three-quarters of the respondents say that they invest majority of their budget (between 100 M to 250 M) on paid placements.
  • Globally, 25% or marketers plan to include VR in their marketing mix in 2017.
  • About 20% of all content created is not distributed at all. This is an alarming situation.

Commanding an audience

Accenture reports very boldly points out that in a content-rich world, only true relevance earns attention. The irony is that today an average person is exposed to 577 marketing messages every day. As much as 80 percent of these messages are filtered out.Good news is that 70 percent of the respondents said that they are open to more content provided that the content is tailored to their taste.
3/4th of the respondents said that the single most driver of engagement is the quality of the content. And, authenticity and credibility are the top drivers of quality. The qualities that earn credibility include: expertise, ethical transparency and innovation. Content Engagement Framework
Accenture Interactive has come up with a matrix view to help describe the relationship between the content and consumer. The four sections of this matrix (please refer to the PDF at the bottom of this post for details) are:
  • Usefulness
  • Entertainment
  • Aspirational
  • Trust
In short, the audience engage with the content if it has one or more of the above-mentioned characteristics. The content must be useful, entertaining, aspirational or trustworthy. The best content has all these components in it.

You are your Content - Concluding remarks

Content is literally the voice of your organization. This section is just a concluding note. Please refer to the PDF file to see the complete report.

Title: You are your Content
Content Format: Research Report
Published by: Accenture Interactive
Number of Pages: 19

 In depth Accenture Interactive Survey on Content Marketing
In-depth Accenture Interactive Survey on Content Marketing

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