The Role of Content Curation in B2B Content Marketing: Curata

The role of Content Curation in great content writing : Curata
The role of Content Curation in great content writing : Curata

The Role of Content Curation in B2B Content Marketing: Curata

These are the webinar slides of a webinar entitled "5 simple steps to becoming a content curation rockstar". These slides by Pawan Deshpande (CEO of Curata) has almost everything you need to know about Content Curation. As per 2012 Curata, Inc. annual content curation adoption survey, these were the top content marketing challenges for marketers:

1. Creating original content
2. Having the time to do it
3. Finding high quality content
4. Allocating staff to do it

Content curation can partly solve some of the above challenges. But getting into how content curation can help solve these prominent content marketing challenges, it would be great to learn the what content curation is.

Definition of Content Curation:

Pawan deshpande has quoted Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy:

"A content curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and the most relevant content on a specific issue online".

So, the content curation process can be summarized as a three step process:  Find >> Organize >> Share.

Main objectives of Content Curation:

As per Curata survey, most marketers mentioned these as their top content curation objectives:

1. Boosting SEO
2. Establishing themselves as though leaders
3. Boosting brand visibility and buzz

Deshpande shared several examples as to how curation helped marketers of some of the leading global brands. Overall, it came out that curation helped revive dropping (or stagnant) site traffic, improved SEO, increased the quality and number of leads, reduced lead acquisition cost and enhanced thought leadership positioning.
On slide 18, Editor in Chief of has been quoted as saying that readers actually prefer a combination of curated and original content. This strategy helped him increase traffic by 100% within one year. Similarly, the EVP Marketing of Connance has been quoted as saying that he had a "wild success" with an ebook launch. The curated ebook got downloaded about 500 times in a very short span of time. As the quality of content improved with effective curation, newsletter sign ups, too, increased significantly for some marketers.

How to Curate Content

Content Curation, as per Curata, is a 5-step process:

1. Identify

identify an area for curating content that is not too saturated (i.e., not too many competitors are focusing on this area). Second, the content you identify for curation should be relevant to your target audience. And third, the area you choose for curation must have sufficient content for curation for a long period of time.

2. Find

Once you have identified what content to curate, you can subscribe to related RSS feeds, news sites, niche blogs, trade publications, twitter hashtags, etc.

3. Organize

You need to think like a librarian when you organize the content you have curated. The main objective of organizing the content is to make the content easily searchable for those who visit your curation platform (website, etc.).
Use very clear categories, tags, content clusters, use of indexing, archiving and content recommendations help visitors easily find what they are looking for.

4. Share

This one is easy. Share your content everywhere your audience is - All social media channels, email newsletters, tweets, embeddable widgets, feeds, etc. Unless you spread awareness about what you have to showcase, how would anyone come to know that you have such a great content (curated+curated) on your website.

5. Add Value

Value addition has to be the core of every activity you perform. If you simply curate, without any value addition, it may just look like an aggregation of replica from various sources. You can add value by annotation (i.e., adding your notes, comments or explanations), analysis, summarizing, etc.

Fair Usage in Content Curation

Ensure that your are curating content not pirating content. This can be done by sharing only a portion of the original content (some sources say that you may share not more than 40% of the original content. However, I suggest that you use your discretion).
The most important part of content curation is that you must attribute the source from where you curated the content. Just attribution would not be sufficient, you must drive visitors to the original content by hyperlinking your content with the original source.

Title: 5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Content Curation Rockstar
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5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Content Curation Rockstar
5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Content Curation Rockstar

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