About This Blog

Why this blog?

Content Marketing is evolving very fast. This has led to a deluge of poorly written content. I am trying to create a platform for B2B Marketers that is free from unnecessary clutter. Everyone in the marketing ecosystem, from a CMO to a Marketing intern, can trust this platform as a source of high quality content on every aspect of B2B Marketing. This platform doesn't have sponsored blogs or articles. In order to access resources on this website, you do not need to give out your contact information. Most of the content pieces are non-gated and can be downloaded through a single click. A section of sponsored digital assets may be gated but such resources have very precise opt-out disclaimers.

Please feel free to send me feedback on how I can improve this blog further. Such inputs would be extremely helpful. You can send queries and suggestions at create.my.b2b.content@gmail.com
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