Our Value Proposition

Value = Benefit/Cost 

Value can be created either by offering similar benefits as everyone else is offering at a much reduced price point or it can be created by offering more benefits at the same price points. 

We do not want to be classified into any of the above-mentioned categories. We intend to create significant value to our clients by offering exponentially high perceived benefits at a slightly higher price point. 

We are certainly not a low-cost option for average B2B Marketers. Having said that, we would certainly want to work with disruptive startups at significantly low price point because such startups understand the perceived benefits of quality content. It's just that they genuinely do not have extra money to fritter away.


Content Quality

This one is self-explanatory. We formed this company to address the issue of quality content. We're certainly not here to compromise on quality to make some quick bucks.

Zero Plagiarism

We're talking about thought-leadership content. Plagiarism in thought-leadership? Like all responsible publishers and marketers, we're against plagiarism. Effective content curation is professional. But copying someone else's content is not acceptable. You may spin articles, change words and sentences of an already published content but the new age semantics-based search engine algorithms are smarter.

Net 45-day payment term

You have the flexibility to pay us 45 days after the end of the month. Suppose we write 4 articles for you in the month of January. We will bill you for all 4 articles on the last day of the month, i.e., on January 31. You can pay us by March 15.

Unlimited Iterations on mutual good faith

We will write "the best" content for you. But we want "you" to be satisfied. You can ask for edits till you really get convinced.

Zero Upfront Fee

Pay us when you are satisfied. We work for long-term relationships. Taking money upfront and not doing the quality work is unethical for us. 

Additionally, you will be counting on B2B Content Creation Experts

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