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Measuring Content Marketing After Creation And Distribution

Since the ROI of content marketing is not just about the revenue it generates, you'll have to determine other indicators. In this article, we are going to help you identify some KPIs to measure your content marketing efforts. Two key elements to determine the Content KPIs 1. Specific objectiv…

75 Examples of Content Marketing - CMI E-book

Content marketing is a robust tool. However there are so many techniques, formats and platforms available that it becomes tough to figure out how to get started. With this e-book, CMI has tried to simplify this problem. The ebook presents 75 examples of content marketing strategies adopted by som…

Only Quality Content Writing can Fetch Quality Backlinks

It would be safe to say that two most important factors considered by Google to rank web-pages are Content and Quality Links. Quality link building is an organic process. It takes its time. There is no short-cut to building links. Hence, the most important factor that you can control in this game…


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