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Documented Content Strategy a Must for Content Marketing

B2B Marketers must embrace inbound strategies because they sell complex products and services to a highly educated set of people as compared to B2C Marketers. If you push the B2B prospects through repeated poorly targeted content, they would most likely withdraw. Moreover, by doing so, you come a…

Structuring Content Writing Teams for Content Marketing

This is an insightful ebook on Content creation. Jonathan Kranz of Kranz communications says that the attention span of our prospects have become very small. And hence it is very important for Marketers to create compelling content to earn that attention. He further says that most Marketers have …

SMART Content Writing Goals for B2B Content Marketing

Once we are convinced that we should have a documented strategy, the next step would be to set the content goal. Strategy means analyzing the current state, envisioning the future state and setting smart goals. So, just like any other strategy, the content strategy must have a set of smart goals.

Outsourcing Parts of Content Marketing and Content Writing

Today, everyone is pushing content. Some feel that it is important to produce content everyday to be on the top of the SERP. While others feel they need something new everyday for social media or email campaign. To some extent, it is true that if you are not producing enough content, your competit…

Why Organizations Need Content - HubSpot on Content Writing

Why Organizations Need Content - Content creation is the most important aspect of effective content marketing. Hubspot explains it in this presentation. This is a comprehensive presentation by HubSpot on Content. The presentation deck consists of 73 slides. This presentation is entitled "Why…

In-depth Accenture Interactive Survey on Content Marketing

This report is the outcome of a survey conducted by Accenture Interactive. Over 1000 executives were surveyed to seek their insight about the fast evolution of Content and the overall environment where content is at the core. The executives surveyed were from 14 countries representing 18 industri…


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