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We Need Ongoing Content Writing for Effective Content Marketing

Websites have abandoned the phase of fame to the phase of need. The greater part of the populace in the present age is relying upon the web to get their products and services, anyplace and whenever. The web has turned into their most loved commercial center to locate their most loved shops, onlin…

Documented Content Strategy a Must for Content Marketing

B2B Marketers must embrace inbound strategies because they sell complex products and services to a highly educated set of people as compared to B2C Marketers. If you push the B2B prospects through repeated poorly targeted content, they would most likely withdraw. Moreover, by doing so, you come a…

The Role of Content Curation in B2B Content Marketing: Curata

These are the webinar slides of a webinar entitled "5 simple steps to becoming a content curation rockstar". These slides by Pawan Deshpande (CEO of Curata) has almost everything you need to know about Content Curation. As per 2012 Curata, Inc. annual content curation adoption survery, …

Just 3 Types of Content Writing can Boost Content Marketing

We need 3 types of Content for effective content marketing: primary, secondary and tertiary - 1 for each stage. B2B Marketers want to bring qualified prospects to their website. Then they want to engage them and finally, they want to win the prospect. Marketers need to understand the stage of the…

Structuring Content Writing Teams for Content Marketing

This is an insightful ebook on Content creation. Jonathan Kranz of Kranz communications says that the attention span of our prospects have become very small. And hence it is very important for Marketers to create compelling content to earn that attention. He further says that most Marketers have …

9 Formats of Content Writing must for B2B Content Marketing

Before you jump into content writing, it's imperative to have an understanding of the majority of the choices available to you as a Content Marketer. The kinds of content you can create may appear to be limitless; however, it's reasonable that some content will be more qualified to your c…

SMART Content Writing Goals for B2B Content Marketing

Once we are convinced that we should have a documented strategy, the next step would be to set the content goal. Strategy means analyzing the current state, envisioning the future state and setting smart goals. So, just like any other strategy, the content strategy must have a set of smart goals.

Measuring Content Marketing After Creation And Distribution

Since the ROI of content marketing is not just about the revenue it generates, you'll have to determine other indicators. In this article, we are going to help you identify some KPIs to measure your content marketing efforts. Two key elements to determine the Content KPIs 1. Specific objectiv…


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