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About Us

Seasoned Tech Marketers

Alumni of Microsoft, Oracle & Time Warner

Create My Content has been founded by seasoned technology marketers who are the alumni of global technology giants such as Microsoft and Oracle; and media companies such as Bertelsmann and Time Warner. 

Global Best Business Practices

Create My Content works with some of the world's biggest brands

Create My Content works with B2B Tech Founders & CXOs that have the passion to move above the me-too herd to do something interesting by leveraging next-generation disruptive technologies.

Certified Team

Google Digital Unlocked (Endorsed by IAB Europe) & HubSpot

Create My Content team members are Google certified for Digital Marketing and HubSpot Academy certified for Content Marketing.

Why Content?

  • Google receives about 4 million queries every minute. This shows the insatiable hunger for answers by online users

  • "Enterprises spend between $150 M and $250 M on content each year" - Accenture Interactive

  • "Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less" - Demand Metric

  • "Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without" - Impact

  • "Websites with blog content have 434% more search engine-indexed pages than those that don’t publish" - TechClient

  • "Businesses publishing 16-plus posts a month get almost 3.5 times more traffic than businesses publishing zero to four articles" - HubSpot

The Challenges We're Trying to Address

A steady stream of worthwhile and relevant content

Today’s B2B marketers are under constant pressure to create a steady stream of worthwhile and relevant content. And Content Creation responsibilities are in addition to the other tasks they're already taking care of.

Subject matter expertise

Each domain requires a subject matter expert. The ones that are hands-on are the real subject matter experts, but they're often hard-pressed for time.

Managing a predictable ecosystem of freelance writers and agencies

Keeping full-time writers for each domain is not a financially viable option for SMBs and Startups. Good agencies are often too expensive. And, at the same time, managing a predictable ecosystem of freelance writers can be very challenging.

Effectively communicating to the target audience

Marketers can't ignore digital platforms. If a company is really great at what it does, it should be able to tell this effectively to their target audience. For B2B Marketers, mass marketing is not an option. The decision-makers B2B Marketers reach out to do not want to be marketed to. If such marketers want to make sense to their target audience, they need to produce great content. If B2B content is not a thought-leadership content, it is most likely to go down the trash.

Some of the Leading Brands We Work With

Create My Content works with a select set of B2B technology companies that are considered to be the leaders in their respective domains. Some of these companies are Microsoft, Adobe, HubSpot, SEMRush, Wix, AWeber, Grammarly, Fiverr, Unbounced, Lufthansa, etc. In addition, Create My Content works with many disruptive tech startups that have " moved above the me-too herd to do something interesting".


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