About Us

Seasoned Tech Marketers

Alumni of Microsoft, Oracle & Time Warner

Global Best Business Practices

Served almost all the leading tech companies globally

Certified Team

Google Digital Unlocked (Endorsed by IAB Europe) & HubSpot

Create My Content has been founded by seasoned technology marketers who have been associated with global technology organizations such as Microsoft and Oracle. The team members have also worked with large media companies such as Bertelsmann and Time Warner. The CMC team has delivered content marketing campaigns for global publishers, such as Reed Elsevier, and with the best global technology content aggregators for almost all the large global IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Dell, etc. In addition, Create My Content writtes content for C-level executives of several mid to large companies across the United States and India. CMC team members are Google certified professional for Digital Marketing, and HubSpot Academy certified for Content Marketing.