Core Offerings

Branding on Digital Media

CreateMyContent helps organizations and professionals create a formidable web presence through knowledge-based approach.

Content Creation Process Benchmarking

By deeply analyzing content creation processes of your top competitors and industry leaders, CreateMyContent offers a 'Content SWOT'

Content Gap Analysis

Results of benchmarking help CreateMyContent perform an in-depth gap analysis to showcase what you do not have that your top competitors and industry leaders do

Content Strategy & Roadmap

Based on your current state analysis and future state envisioning, CreateMyContent creates a Content strategy and a well-defined content creation roadmap

Digital Asset Library Creation

CreateMyContent develops your digital asset library by consistently contributing white papers, case studies, research reports, ebooks, etc.

Content Creation & Curation

CreateMyContent creates high impact blogs and articles to improve your domain authority and address the relevance and recency needs of semantic-based search engine algorithms

B2B Technology Sales Opportunity Creation

CreateMyContent ensures that the efforts of content marketing ultimately leads to revenue generation. We generate a ton of marketing ready leads or marketing qualified leads (MQLs) through our content. Our team follows up on MQLs and converts these marketing leads into sales-ready appointments. We have generated thousands of qualified sales meetings for our clients. And these meetings have converted into several long-term revenue streams for our clients.