Email Marketing FREE Certificate Course - HubSpot Academy

Email Marketing FREE Certification Course - HubSpot

This email marketing course will teach you how to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business, and your career. From contact management and segmentation to email deliverability and analyzing your email sends, you’ll learn how to build an email marketing strategy that is human and helpful and builds trust with your contacts. At the end of this course, apply what you've learned with the email marketing tools that come free in your account.

Course Details:

  • 10 lessons

  • 28 videos

  • 9 quizzes

  • 3:18 hours Duration

Completing this course will help you:

  • Master the fundamentals of email marketing

  • Apply what you learn with HubSpot's free email marketing tool

  • Invest in yourself and your career by learning one of the most in-demand skills in digital marketing