Competitor Analysis in Uncertain Times - SEMRush


Competitor Analysis in Uncertain Times - SEMRush

Uncertain times may take many businesses to the verge of collapse — or foster their phenomenal growth. Which of these extremes your company will fall into depends a lot on your ability to adapt.

In early 2020, knowledge of the online competitive landscape proved to be crucial for both brick-and-mortar and digitally native businesses. Offline enterprises sought a safe haven in introducing e-commerce, and online companies had to fight the fiercer competition and adapt their playbooks to the new reality.

In this turbulence-proof ebook, we highlight the industries that made the smoothest transition to online. You’ll see how traffic to their websites grew and how stable this month-long success could be.

You will learn to research data and gain actionable insights from competitors’ marketing strategies. 

Step by step, you will:

As a result, you will find a solid basis on which to update your digital strategy and be reassured that your decisions are data-driven, not chaos-driven.

This Competitor Analysis in Uncertain Times guide is tailored to the current situation. However, its principles of ongoing online research will benefit you long after this storm has passed.

Who is this ebook for? The guide is perfect for marketing managers and business owners who are aiming to stabilize their company’s position in the changing competition. Industry statistics will be of special interest to heads of marketing and marketing analysts. Both in-house marketers and digital agencies can follow its workflow to analyze the online competition, adapt their current marketing strategies, and establish new campaigns.

Estimated reading time: 17 minutes