ORM Checklist: 7 Ways to Use Mentions

Online Reputation Management Checklist: 7 Ways to Use Mentions

A business's reputation is one of its most important assets - one that can take years to build but can be lost overnight. As consumers, the internet is one of the first places we look to find out about a company, and if the sentiment we uncover isn’t positive, it can have a serious (often catastrophic) consequences for that business.

Managing your online reputation can be done in a number of ways, giving you valuable insight into how you could build your reputation, as well as helping to highlight where you need to be most reactionary.

This Online Reputation Management Checklist contains seven actionable tips to ensure your brand is projected in the best possible light.

This e-book covers:

Download our ultimate checklist today and ensure your business doesn’t fall foul of harmful online mentions. 

Estimated Reading Time: < 5 minutes

Target Audience: This is a useful checklist for social media managers, PR managers, and business owners wishing to monitor and boost online brand reputation.