Forrester: ABM Must Evolve Into Account Based Management

Forrester: ABM Must Evolve Into Account-Based Engagement

Successful account-based marketing (ABM) takes more than a new set of tactics or technologies. It requires a holistic audience engagement strategy.

That means understanding the people within the account you’re trying to reach and creating personalized content experiences that speak directly to their unique business problems. Sounds great, but where do you begin?

In “Not Yet The New Normal: ABM Must Evolve Into Account-Based Engagement,” Forrester shares the four practices that B2B marketers need to develop a personalized engagement strategy:

  • Prioritizing accounts and setting a go-to-market strategy for each level

  • Enabling sales to build meaningful account relationships

  • Delivering personalized digital content experiences

  • Adopting new technologies to make ABM scale

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